What Is the Difference Between Led Neon and Led Strip Lights?

LED neon and strip lights are popular options for adding vibrant illumination to various spaces, but they have several differences:

Design and Appearance

  • LED neon lights mimic the appearance of traditional glass neons with a continuous, smooth glow and are flexible enough to create distinct shapes and letters.
  • LED strip lights consist of LEDs mounted on a flexible band, emitting light along their length and often used to accent architectural features or provide under-cabinet lighting.


  • LED neon lights are very flexible, allowing for intricate designs, shapes, and curves.
  • LED strip lights can bend at many angles but may not be as flexible as LED neon lights.

Brightness and Visibility

  • LED neon lights are brighter and more visible from a distance, making them ideal for outdoor displays and signage.
  • The brightness of LED strip lights varies depending on the number and type of LEDs used, commonly serving as accent or ambient lighting in indoor spaces.

Energy Efficiency

  • Both LED strip lights and LED neon are more energy-efficient than traditional neon or incandescent lighting. LED strip lights may be slightly more energy-efficient due to their smaller LEDs.


  • LED neon lights are often pre-formed into specific shapes or alphabets, simplifying installation in certain applications.
  • LED strip lights require careful placement and mounting, and may need additional connectors at corners and curves, offering greater layout and customization flexibility.


  • While LED neon lights are more durable than glass neon lights, they can still be damaged by impact or extreme weather.
  • LED strip lights, due to their encapsulation, are more resistant to physical damage and can withstand a broader range of environmental conditions.

The choice between LED strip lights and LED neon depends on the requirements of the project, including design preferences, brightness needs, flexibility, and installation considerations.

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