Why You Need a Pool Inspection Before Buying a Home

A swimming pool is a great addition to any new home. Before you make a decision and sign the contract, you should inspect your pool to make sure you are making the best choice. It’s essential for every home buyer to get a home inspection, and it’s equally important to check the pool.

Safety First

Safety is the top priority. Even if the pool looks beautiful, always check its safety. A thorough pool inspection can help determine if the pool meets local safety standards. Safety rules can vary from state to state, but an inspection can offer peace of mind and make your life easier when buying a home. Regulations may include required heights for perimeter fences and locking gates. Additional safety features might be necessary, such as alarms on doors leading to the pool area or safety glass in nearby windows. Sturdy pool covers are also recommended. These rules are often set by your local area, but you should make sure the pool meets certain safety requirements to protect everyone.

Checking Pool Equipment

For a pool to function properly, it relies on various pieces of equipment. Have your inspector check the condition of the heater, pump, and filters. Test all the systems to ensure everything works as it should. The electrical, plumbing, and decking around the pool should also be carefully examined. The inspector might perform a pressure test to detect any leaks. You don’t want a pool that leaks or has malfunctioning equipment in your new house!

Structural Integrity

The structural condition of the pool is also important. A professional inspector will recognize if the pool is too damaged. Most pools show some wear and tear, but a professional will check the interior finish to ensure it’s free from cracks and other damage. Like a home inspection, the pool inspector will note anything that needs repair or replacement. They will check the grout between the stones and tiles and examine the deck surrounding the pool. A pool or deck that is structurally unsound can be dangerous and costly to repair. Since the pool is technically part of your house, you should address these issues before making an offer.

Regular Pool Inspections

It’s important to include regular pool inspections as part of your home buying process. This will ensure that your swimming pool is safe for your family and lasts for many years.

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